Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nurturing to take over poaching in Premier League

It's about time. According to the BBC, Premier League teams have agreed to a system where they must name eight 'home grown' players in their squad of 25.

A home grown player is someone who has played for a club in England or Wales for a minimum of three years between the ages of 16-21. This is fantastic news.

Essentially, it will bring about a system similar to that in place in the Europa League and the Champion's League, where teams must name eight home-grown players, five of whom who must have spent those formative years at the club itself.

Though there are easy ways around this system (you could do a Chelsea and poach 15-to-18 year olds from elsewhere... though that hasn't worked for them in the past), it's a way to both increase the chances for English-and-Welsh born players to play top flight football and a way to stem the ridiculous spending binges of some of the new-money clubs that have pushed their way into the upper echelons of football, without imposing the EU-banned 6+5 player quota discussed last year.