Thursday, June 19, 2008

Germany progresses!

Quarterfinal one is finito. Given the ridiculous size of my past full summaries, I'm going to try to do these on a game-to-game basis from now on.

Germany was dominant, Portugal was crap - and I was right yet again (please note my bit on Germany). I need to stop listening to doubters (*ahem* Phil and Mike *ahem*). I had to clear my throat (lemme cleear my throooooat).

But yeah. They brought back the Schwein - first goal scored, set up the second and third. Absolutely and infinately more useful than that rubbish import Gomez was ever going to be, I'm pleased he had such a triumphant return (there was fanfare in my head).

The Portuguese played very dissapointing football, which continues to make me believe that the only way they can get through a quarter-final is by diving about the pitch, then beating England on penalties. Which leads me to hate them even more. Those who know me well recognize that "hate" is a very watered down word for my describing my emotions held towards the Portuguese national "football" side. They played really, really well through the group stages (at least the first and second match), but by switching 8 starters for the third match (and subsequently losing), new Chelsea manager Big Phil Scolari must have thrown his side off a touch.

Ah well, no worries. The good guys won (when did you think you'd hear an Englishman calling the Germans 'the good guys'?). Ah I kid, I kid. This sets up a wonderful semifinal (and something of a replay) between Germany and Croatia. Yes, that's a tad presumptuous, but I'm putting my balls on the line and making the statement.

What is absolutely certain, though, is that this Euro is head-and-shoulders above past tournaments. Really entertaining, very attacking (partially because no one's defense has been particularily good...), absolutely wonderful to watch.

Oh - and just in case German egos inflate themselves too much, allow me to sing you a song *clears throat*.

One nil down!
Five one up!
Two World Wars and One World Cup!!!
Meat pie sausage roll come on England give's a goal!!!

Hmm...maybe it's better the English fans stayed away from this tournament, come to think of it. It's certainly been a different experience to hear other nationalities sing their teams' songs.

By the way - the football analysis won't end after this tournament, I'll give my verdict on English football once the Netherlands win (another bold statement, yes).



Phil said...

How the hell am I a doubter? I put both Germany and Croatia into the last eight and had Germany down to win Euro 2008! Yarrrrr

Andrew Bucholtz said...

England may have won the World Wars, but we Germans have three World Cups to your one with only half the country playing (and we would have had the 1966 one as well if the bloody Commie linesman hadn't allowed Hurst's "goal"). We've also got three European Championships to your nil. Deutschland uber alles!

[/German nationalism]

P.S. Yes, Schweinsteiger is brilliant and Gomez has disappointed this tournament. It wasn't a straight swap, though: Schweinsteiger returned to the wing and Podolski played up front in Gomez's slot.

P.S. If your balls were on the line over the Croatia prediction, does that make you a eunuch now?

Amrit Ahluwalia said...

I checked this morning - I seem to be okay.

The blog and/or football gods decided not deprive the earth of my future offspring. Good decisions say I!