Friday, June 6, 2008

Here we go, on the road again!!

Well folks, it seems I've found a new home in the internet thought-placing world.

There was the pained highschool kid, I started this whole thought blast off on Xanga (SHAME! Well, not too shameful, I never bought into the Emo thing, the music playing on my Xanga blog was "Block Lockdown" by Ludacris - boo yeah). That was followed by LiveJournal. Then came MSN Spaces. Then back to LiveJournal. My travels stopped for a while, then Facebook came along and my musings went into Note form there. Then BBC's 606 (the URL was ridiculous to remember! Now I'm here. Wow. Looking back, I'm kind of a loser. That's okay, my mommy says I'm cool and that's all that matters - all three of my readers are too judgmental anyways. Jerks.

At any rate, I'm here, and as the title suggests, I can't think up much of a name for anything. Hell, this is a guy whose team name in the 2008 playoff pool (should have been crash-and-burn) was "Original Team Name #6", then at the end turned into "Team Better-Than-Eric's-Team" (guess who the crash-and-burn award went to?).

I tend to write blogs as I speak, but I'm okay with that. I'm my own editor here. Other downside of the BBC blog - 1000 (I think) character maximum - very stifling. At any rate - this blog will mainly concentrate on professional (internationals and club level) football (get used to "soccer" being referred to as football), and hockey. Given my position in the sports world at Queen's University at Kingston, Canadian university sport may well find its way in here. Other sports by mood - I'd guess that the concentration will be around hockey and footie though (also, get used to it being called footie).

Anyways, first real post will probably appear at some point later today, I have to save up my musings. Be excited!


Mike Woods said...

Ironic that the BBC has a word limit - most of their sports journalism features fabulously splendiforous vocabulary (and I love them for it).

Amrit_Ahluwalia said...

I think it's so that they can keep a monopoly on copious eloquence