Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obituary - Queen's Homecoming

Please read Neate Sager's post from Out of Left Field, explaining to a tee my feelings on Queen's administration canceling changing the date of Homecoming to late May.

And shed a tear for the moving of this school's greatest tradition, and no I don't mean Aberdeen.

The thing about the Aberdeen party is this:
Queen's students go to the street, mull about for a while, then leave.
Non-Queen's students spend hours on the street 'waiting for something to happen'.

Here's the letter I sent to the Carleton Charletan* last month explaining my feelings on this in response to an article on their journalists had written on our Homecoming (why the fuck did they have a reporter at Queen's Homecoming. Carleton is unassociated....).

Thanks McGill, Carleton, Ottawa, Western, U of T, Ryerson, York, Laurier, Waterloo, et al, you fucked it up for us.
* I don't know why they called me "Amrit A.", I gave them my entire name. High-quality newspaper eh?

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Phil said...

I'd like to extend a "You're welcome" from those universities of central Canada.

I'd also like to say a "thank you" to Queen's University for ensuring that homecoming is no longer in a period when drunkenness and destruction would be hindered by either mid-terms or coursework due dates. Brilliant idea there!