Saturday, November 8, 2008

Premier League predictions

I am pressed for time, so these will be brief this week. Here's how I think things will turn out over this round of games.

Arsenal v Manchester United

This will be a key game in Arsenal history, and will be a reflection of the realignment of footballing forces in England. The Wenger era is quickly becoming contested.
Manchester United to win 3-1

Wigan v Stoke
Wigan have quality, just not in defence. A goal from Amr Zaki and a header from a Rory Delap throw-in would be typical.
A 1-1 draw.

Hull v Bolton
Bolton aren't so bad, but Hull are simply refusing to give up. They're riding a wave of confidence. Watch out for Geovanni!
Hull to win 2-1.

Sunderland v Portsmouth
Portsmouth will try and frustrate Sunderland, the best they can expect is a draw. Then again, Jermain Defoe has that little bit of luck and quality thesedays.
Portsmouth to win 2-1.

West Ham v Everton

West Ham have to win at some point, but Everton's midfield are starting to click again.
Everton to win 2-1.

Liverpool v West Brom

Liverpool seem to many to be title contenders, but I don't think so. They have quality, and Fernando Torres is bound to play a role. A striker who thrives on space playing against the team that allows the most space is a recipe for humiliation.
Liverpool to win 4-0.

Blackburn v Chelsea
Chelsea will resume normal service in a frustrating Northern encounter.
Chelsea to win 1-0.

Aston Villa v Middlesbrough
Villa usually fire on all cylinders against this type of opposition, but Boro also have a bit of firepower of late.
A 2-1 draw.

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur
This will probably be a game packed with goals. Expect the strikers to grab all the headlines - Heurelho Gomes will not be a subject of praise after this one.
Looks like a 3-2 win for City to me.

Fulham v Newcastle

A truly awful match to be avoided at all costs.
Newcastle to win 2-1.


Amrit Ahluwalia said...

...I'm sure you didn't mean to do this - but see your Villa-Boro score prediction.

You're potentially right, but you're also completely wrong.

Phil said... 4am, who knows what I really meant!