Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another not-real post

Hey guys!

So, sorry for the recent complete lackage of real posts. There'll be some stuff coming up about how every team I support is completely awful, but that's for later. Busy times, really.

At any rate, this is a heads up about two more upcoming live blogs.

On Saturday, Andrew and I will be liveblogging Manchester United v Tottenham, a match will (potentially hopefully not) foreshadow the upcoming Carling Cup final. That will be at Sporting Madness. Kickoff is (I think) at 12:30, so we'll get started around that point sometime.

Then, on Sunday, as always, Phil and I will be joining Andrew at Sporting Madness for Premier League Punditry at 1:30.

Like I said, real posts will be coming soon, I promise!


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