Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kaka's future

Ramon Calderon stepped down as president of Real Madrid this week after a vote-rigging scandal was uncovered by (surprisingly) Real Madrid's mouthpiece newspaper Marca. Florentino Perez, who signed the galacticos Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo etc. during his previous stint as president, is favourite to win the next elections scheduled for the summer.

This impacts Kaka's future to a great extent. Personally, I believe Perez will pick up from where he left off and sign another massive player (not Viduka massive, Kaka massive) and Real are certainly corrupt enough to weather the financial storm and afford it. Silvio Berlusconi has indicated a desire to do business for Kaka regardless of his public statements, and Milan certainly need the money if they are to reverse their slide. A Perez presidency would likely see a curt goodbye for Juande Ramos as well, with Jose Mourinho perhaps taking over after his rough time at Inter. That would lure Kaka far more than the promise of millions.

Many have praised Kaka for not being lured by Manchester City's money but it has more to do with their sporting plan than his principles. The boy wants success more than money, and a move to Real Madrid may be on the cards for a sum hilariously close to what City offered Milan just last week.

All this will be orchestrated by a Real Madrid president who, as is required by the club's rules, will have stumped up €60million of his own money as a deposit just to stand for the club presidency.

While Real Madrid may be a spectacularly poorly-run club at times, having a patch indicating 9 Champions Leagues on the sleeves of their jerseys (and a chairman whose dreams are achievable) continues to be a great pull.