Monday, August 25, 2008

Greetings from away!

Well, all of a sudden I look out the window and find myself staying at a vineyard in upstate New York, so I've spent the last two days touring and tasting various vineyards and breweries. Oh, and eating. Lots and lots of food. German food, seafood, food-food. Huge pile of yum I say. Huge pile of yum.

Small updates on the life of Amrit:

1) I found a wine I like*, it's made with Niagara grapes and disgusts my father. Damn.
2) German farmers eat damn good lunches. Knockwurst, pork shank, smoked ham shank and a dumpling with gravy. Oh, and sauerkraut. Lots of sauerkraut. Oh, and beer. Lots of beer. This is the site's website
3) Making wine is complex, as is beer (but that was a self-guided tour, so less complex).
4) There is nothing in life more comforting than drinking, sitting on a patio staring out over a lake with a beautiful hilly scenery behind it, writing newspaper articles and drinking yourself off your face.
5) Port's not too shabby. Shame about it being Portuguese though.
6) The American service industry is shit, it's actually really irritating how badly waiters/esses, hosts/esses and tour guides treat people. Then they expect a tip. I gave one a tip: "Lick my balls and I'll give you a quarter." Okay... no I didn't, but how awesome would it have been if I did? In reality I scoffed and walked away.
7) I have a new hat. The Arizona hat was no replacement for the Michigan one. We'll see how this new one serves me.
8) Queen's is unveiling the new streamlined style for all it's new uniforms on Wednesday at 5pm, at the Ambassador Hotel East Ball Room. Wear something fancy and head on over if you're interested (That has nothing to do with me, but I'm struggling to come up with stuff here).
9) I continue to believe that in lists under 5, there should only be three points. In lists over 5, they should be in multiples
10) I really, really don't. That point earns two entries because I feel so strongly about it.
* See the bottom of the Whites, where the bottle is $6.99


Phil said...
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Phil said...

You'll be disappointed to eventually discover that the Portuguese are among the best at making regular wine too!

Amrit Ahluwalia said...

I don't like regular wine. I just like that one.