Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More lists because summer is balls (or, rather, lacks balls)

That was one of my lesser puns, good on you if you understood it.

As you all know, summer is the time for lists. My listing has been lacking this summer, as this was my first blogging summer and I somehow managed to come up with non-list things to write.

But, the lists have certainly been a-plenty. Puck Daddy has had various people connected to the hockey world write about 5 ways they'd change the NHL. Sherry over at Scarlett Ice wrote a list of 100 things about herself. Hell, even The Hockey News put out a list this summer which barely had anything to do with hockey..

But then they made a real list, ranking the top 50 NHLers*.

Now we get into a rambling anecdote.

Michael Woods, of The view from the Woods, was born August 15, 1988, weighing about 3lbs and closing in on 5'11" tall (skinny little bastard, wasn't he!?!?). When he reached the age of 10, he was 12'2" tall, and decided to rank his own top 50 NHLers, because he decided THN shouldn't have all the fun. Now, he's 17'48", and he's written his 10th installment of the Woods Top 50, and posted it over at his blog. I'd strongly suggest heading over and taking a look. He'll be comparing his list to THN's list a little later on, I'll link it when it happens.
* You have to buy the real list, so thank goodness for people putting it on the interwebs!**
** Turns out this is last year's list. I'm too lazy to find an illegal copy of the 2008 list, but oh well, I'm sure Mike will come across it sooner rather than later

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