Friday, September 12, 2008

Delayed but nevertheless

Who would've thunk it, I come back to school and I'm busier than I was all summer at work. Sorry for the dinstinct lack of posting, but I'm no longer spending 7.5 hours/day parked in front of the ordinateur*... doing nothing. Now the 7.5 hours/day I spend parked in front of the ordinateur are filled with... well, MSN, GoogleTalk, Facebook, FIFA 08, Weeds, Scrubs, and other fun-filled activities.

At any rate, some updates, then my post. Firstly, Milway isn't lazy, he has in fact written a new post. Unfortunately, it was written in MS Word, like all his other posts, but all of a sudden Blogger isn't letting me post it because of some HTML in the World file... even though I'm copying it into the blog word-entry thingamabob. I'm mighty confused, but I'm trying to get it up (that's what she said), because it's really good. The Seventh Inning Stretch is still alive and kicking though, not to worry baseball fans.

Now, for my posting of random thoughts:

1) ENGLAND FUCKING WON. In the event that you happen to live under a rock, England smacked Croatia about 4-1 in Zagreb, where the Croats (had) yet to lose. Boo. Fucking. Yeah. Theo Walcott had a hattrick, Rooney was setting up bloody everything and finally popped in his own goal. Of course, this was the game that I decided "fuck it what's the point", but from Phil's account, apparently England were playing beautiful flowing stuff, almost toying with the Croats, playing well, not Turkish, as they had against Andorra. They played with creativity, poise and ablity. I honestly could not be more pleased. Croatia may not seem like a strong adversary, but they're a damn good side and they'd never lost at home. England squeaked past Andorra.

2) The Premier League is becoming absolutely retarded. If Chelsea is Chelski, Man City is now Abu City, playing out of the Middle Eastlands.

3) Queen's men's rugby faces their first real test this weekend... in a friendly against the University of Ulster, who smacked Trent 64-3 on Tuesday. They also beat the balls out of Fleming College... we're playing for Canadian pride here, let's go Tricolour, come on you Gaels!!!

4) Why won't hockey fucking start. Goddamit. I plan on getting NHL 09 at some point in the very near future, be excited for a review of that game, or, better yet, a review of what the game does to Test subject A (myself), B (Mike), and C (whoever is unfortunate enough to be C).
* homage to the fact that I worked in Hull

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Phil said...

1) FIFA 08 had better be good!

2) Theo Walcott is a legend. Look out for him on the bench tomorrow, though. Eboue (who probably thinks a hat trick involves magicians and bunnies) to start.

3) I (and probably you), unlike many, never lost faith in Fabio Capello.

4) I love how Turkish = playing badly!

5) The Premier league was ruined before Abu Dhabi United showed up, but look out for more situations where, as Arsene Wenger says "the player signs somewhere and the next day can't remember where he has signed". The grassroots nature of football that has made it the most exciting and relevant sport on earth is at risk, as the Starbucks-isation of the sport continues.

6) Arsenal FC remains a glimmer of hope in the dark world of foot-business (ah yes, elitism). A team that has, in the words of a British sports journalist, either captured the spirit of football more than any team in the world or completely missed the point - with football benefiting either way from the team's presence. There is hope!!!