Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey remember that time when Queen's beat up on the US Army?

No? Then clearly you weren't at Queen's v West Point men's rugby yesterday. 40-8 final score. Good dancing Jehovah.

It was interesting watching Army for a couple of reasons. For one - they're the motherfucking United States Army Academy's rugby firsts. But, moreso, because they reminded me a lot of RMC. Their game was a physical one, but there was little in the way of finesse, speed or real talent on the squad, they preferred to bash through than pass around.

Queen's had unbelievable ball support and speed, which were well-combined to create some kind of fearsome try-scoring machine... yup. It could at one second look like they had a man completely isolated up the pitch but within seconds he would have at least 2 passing options. West Point clearly had no idea what was going on.

I had the opportunity to talk to Army's coach (Rich Pohlidal) after the game, who said (among other things) "They play with great pace, you could really see the experience. They also play as a unit, it's amazing to see that level of unity and that level of cohesion at the collegiate level."

So there! Good things to come for this season? If they play the season with the same tenacity and ability they did today (without getting into all the penalty trouble they found themselves at the end of the game), I don't see why not.

More detailed story to come in The Journal later on this week, I'll link it when able.

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Mike said...

man that was a good game. I agree with the fact that the Army was too concentrated on brute force rather than finesse. The only way that crashing in with the forward pack works is if you can consistently develop mauls and hold the initiative in them.

Go Gaels!