Friday, September 19, 2008

The tide rolls on

After the popularity of Milway's "Seventh Inning Stretch" articles, and my inability to post as much as I should be - especially as we're starting to get into a time when, you know, sports are happening, I've invited him to be a permanent author on this blog.

Which means he'll be writing about more than just baseball, and hopefully a whole new range of sports and ideas come to light on the blog.

Short of taking this opportunity to welcome him to a permanent home on There Is No Original Name For This Sports Blog, I'll just say that his ass needs to get to work!!

Ah, I keed, look out for Milway's articles as we continue though!

PS - Shout out to Neate Sager at Out Of Left Field for adding us to your blog roll, hooray for the apparent legitimacy of this blog!!!