Monday, July 20, 2009


Well... as hiatuses (hiatii?) go, this was one hell of a long one. But we can explain! I promise. I was doing a summer school program at Queen's castle in Herstmonceux (would recommend it to anyone who was pondering doing it), Phil's doing something important and Milway's extremely lazy.

But, I'm done my summer program, Phil remembered that he has opinions on things and Milway's still lazy, but also watching baseball, so this blog should get up and at 'em in short order.

On the docket for the near future:

I'll be talking about The Ashes cricket series between England and Australia (and will go on an Amrit-vs-CBC style rant... except about the BBC!!! DRAMA!), and who knows, maybe I'll delve into the Heatley thing... because that hasn't been done to death. Phil will be writing about the ridiculousness of the transfer window in football lately (non-Premier League too), and Milway might write something too. Who knows.

Anyways, once again - sorry for the extended break. I know all three of our readers have been pulling their hair out for months wondering where we went... well... we went to SchoolTown. Don't hate.

Expect new stuff tomorrow!

PS -- the picture. I typed "back from vacation" into Google Images and that popped up... it was so awesome I couldn't help but use it.


sager said...

The headline reminds me of How I Met our Mother, since there was that driver, Ranjit (played by Marshall Manesh), who appeared in the first two seasons. He would always say, "Helloooo!"

Come to think of it, everything reminds me of How I Met our Mother. I need help.

Amrit Ahluwalia said...

Thanks Neate... I'm not going to be able to look at that headline without thinking of the show now. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Also, Ranjit came back for one cameo after Barney slept with Robin, so I think we're into season 3 territory there, but I could be wrong...

(Yes, I'm equally sad when it comes to HIMYM trivia... it's truly pathetic when Scrubs is the topic.)