Friday, July 18, 2008

Fuck off Fergie

I hate the singer too, but that's not what this post is about.

You'd think with the shit-storm surrounding the Christiano Ronaldo saga, Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United's manager) would have an idea of how damaging and annoying it is for a club to openly pursue another team's under-contract (here we go again) player.

And yet, I come to work on Friday morning, flip open the Beeb, and this is the rubbish I'm confronted with.

United've been running this bollocks since the end of last season, and that's what's annoying me so much about the whole issue. But what amazes me the most, like I said, is that they're flipping shit at Real Madrid for openly pursuing Christiano Ronaldo (to the point of reporting the Spanish giant for illegally pursuing the Portuguese princess), but it's perfectly alright for Manchester United to let the world know that they're after Berbatov, or that they were after Carrick (once upon a time).

The most ridiculous part about the whole thing is that Tottenham have continuously told Manchester United to piss off. Berbatov's been classy in the press, telling them that he's committed to Spurs while his agent goes on about bigger and better things. Tottenham set a huge transfer price that few-to-no clubs are going to meet as a way of telling them to piss off, and yet Manchester United is still flinging their shit.

As an aside - shame on Berba's agent as well. Before coming to Spurs, Berbatov was a no-name striker at Bayer Leverkusen, pretty decent around the area but not making much of himself. Spurs built him into a top-class striker, and he's just come off a 46 (all-competion) goal tally! 46!!!! After two straight 23 all-competition goal tallies for Spurs. There's absolutely no loyalty or respect coming from Berbatov's agent, seeing as Spurs are the club which will make the agent rich(er).

Now, I'm not saying Manchester United is entirely without class... their on-field performances are supberb, and great to watch. That said, the way they handle off-the-pitch affairs is becoming ridiculous and aggravating. Part of me wants Christiano Ronaldo to buy out his contract and go to Real, just to piss off Fergie.

As an aside, can someone tell singer Fergie to piss off? She's rubbish.

As an aside x 2 - check out Robbo's blog today, entitled From Eastlands to La-la Land - stuff like this is the reason I love Robbo (link in the sidebar).

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