Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hockey and football, please don't be sad, but I'm watching a new sport

Actually, I watch many other sports. I'm an avid curling fan during the Olympics (I shit you not, I've been known to yell "SWEEP" at pubs in moments of euphoria and forgetfulness... yes, that's what we'll call it), I love playing and watching cricket, I started watching and somewhat understanding rugby (league and union) last year, I've watched field hockey in moments of weakness, Wimbledon tends to be a summer fixture for me, and, well, various other Olympic sports.

But, I've finally started watching a sport which I've mocked others for watching in the past. No, fuck you, not billiards, pool, darts, poker or (seriously) blackjack. Those are all bullshit. I'm starting to pay attention to America's pass-time, baseball.

I know, I know, the shame of it all. You can blame these guys for getting me into it though. Actually, you can blame Mike for sending me a link to their Guide to the Wave way back in May, which got me into DJF in the first place.

I watched all 15 innings of the All-Star Game last night (well, I was awake for the first 9, then happened to wake up in time to see Justin Morneau [goood Canadian boy - Don Cherry voice] score the winning run in the 15th, lucky Amrit). I have yet to eat a hot dog this summer as I'm waiting to eat one at the SkyDome (apparently 'true Jays fans' still call it that, and I fully support not calling stadiums by corporate names) in August.

But, yes, moral of the story, I've started watching baseball. I can no longer mock baseball fans for watching the most boring game in the world, because I no longer find it incredibly boring.

In fact, keep your eyes peeled as a guest writer (Peter Milway) will be pitching up a baseball article for this blog sometime in the next few weeks, and as we head into playoffs he might wind up with something approaching a regular column.

Anyways, I've admitted it, my conscious is clear, time to get back to work.