Friday, October 3, 2008

Clear eyes, full hearts, and there's some hockey at the end

If they can do it, so can I.

A new season of Friday Night Lights has begun, and I for one was a little skeptical, after the train-wreck that was their last season. Murder (er.. manslaughter... self-defense... what?), ridiculous stories of teenagers running off unchecked to another country for magic shark cells of some kind, adoption, a set of over-tumulus love triangles, squares, etc... it was ridiculous.

But, like any good fan, I'll watch it regardless. And the new episode is probably their best since the first season. Looks like they're getting back to more realistic situations for the characters... and a whole lot of football. Oh yes, in yesterday's episode there were multiple practice scenes and a game scene! Hurrah! Mo' football, says I!

Now, the only hole left is that Hispanic kid from last season, who Buddy Garritty adopted. Where'd he go? Lyla seems to have decided to stay (I thought it was her senior year last year, but whatever) with Buddy while her mom, stepdad and (presumably) siblings all went to Northern California (hippies!!), but Lyla's staying with her dad. Okay. But, like I said... what happened to the Hispanic kid who Buddy adopted?

As for interesting twists, I'd like to see how this whole thing plays out with the freshman quarterback and Matt Saracen. Badass! And hooray for Tim Riggins continuing to hook-up with Lyla Garrity, attaboy!

Anyways, the show seems to be good again, I'll keep watching.

Oh - and by the way: staying with football, the Gaels are ranked number two in the country! WOO! Queen's Silver Gaels? At any rate, this is a bye week for the Tricolour (err... York, bye week, tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to), then next week will be the last big test before playoffs. Ottawa, at Richardson. Should be a barn-burner. Or, a barn-wrecker? At any rate, it'll be on the Score, and I for one will be watching!

Touching briefly on hockey: the Gaels had a pretty unsuccessful preseason in the Atlantic provinces, but will be looking to shake it off with their first regular season game at Western... on their Homecoming. Wow, the Queen's v Western Homecoming games just keep on rolling, don't they? At any rate, in the words of jead coach Brett Gibson, "We're going there to spoil a party". Them's fightin' words, I love it.

Oh, continuing to briefly touch hockey *whistle whistle*: the Sens beat Frolunda today 4-1. Alfie got a standing O from his hometown crowd when he notched a beautiful backhand over the Indian's goalie to make it 2-0. Jason Smith deflected the puck into the net for Frolunda's only goal... it'll happen. I unfortunately won't be able to watch the season opener on Saturday against Pittsburgh, if someone would keep me posted I would be most gracious.

Well, I might as well continue to briefly touch hockey: The Soo Greyhounds are in Kingston on October 17th. I'm fucking jacked.

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