Friday, October 31, 2008

The Sens changed their entrance song? Also known as the 'Every Link is a YouTube Link' article

Quoi le merde??

So apparently the Sens have changed their classic entrance song to some ditty by a band called Rev Theory. This ditty, in fact.

Now, I must ask - double-you-tea-eph? It seems to be in a long line of weird pre-game fuckups the Sens organization has been getting up to in the past year.

Is it just me - or is he the biggest fail soldier ever? His helmet almost falls off a few times, the mic keeps cutting out, he's not all that ripped, and he doesn't look like a fucking CENTURION, which is the bloody point, isn't it? Fuck, I'm still bitter.

At any rate, I don't really understand the point of changing the song. Or at least, to that particular Rev Theory song, who have a much better hockey song that someone put to hockey clips, and is awesome.

Anyways, there's an increasing (dare I say it) Americanization of everything we're doing over at The Bank of late. The Spartan: from California. Rev Theory: from Massachusets (sp?*). Most of this wishy washy ridiculousness? Things you'd expect to see at a game in Tampa to try to excite fans who aren't already excited.

PST. Sens organization! Canadians already like hockey! We're already excited! Really, I promise. The kitchy bullshit isn't neccesary! You don't need to try to excite us with fancy laser-light shows and Spartans and all that jazz. Just the montage of our team during the classic Roman-themed badassery track is nice, that's all. Really. I promise.

Thanks to James Gordon at Hockey Capital for posting his article where I found out about this and finding the clips that I ultimately borrowed.

Oh, and for your enjoyment. God Bless Hocky indeed.
* My english teacher used to put "sp?" besides words that weren't spelt right, I've kept the tradition alive. Even on MSN.


Phil said...

Hahaha that "sp?" bit is so true!

And that final YouTube link is absolutely amazing, Hocky is such a great game when it looks like that.

Phil said...
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