Thursday, October 30, 2008

Runnin' it all down

I should just stop with this whole predicting game...I'm not very good at it. I whiffed big-time on the World Series, Philly clinched it tonight in 5 games, not my predicted Dodgers over Red Sox, and then Rays in 6. So I was way off.

My Leafs are not looking terrible these days. I'm really liking what Ron Wilson has done as the coach. Anyone that can make Matt Stajan into a productive player is good in my books. I kind of wished the Leafs had held on to Kyle Wellfed, just to see if Wilson could sort out his motivational problems. He has a whole world of talent, but he is lazy. I'm fine with all of the developments, and I will be okay no matter where they finish. My biggest fear is that the Leafs will be in the hunt for the playoffs, and Cliff Fletcher will trade away any of the prospects or picks that the Leafs have for an overrated, expiring contract. Then again, being the Leafs, this is what should be expected.

Delving into a new sport, the NBA season kicked off yesterday and the Toronto Raptors won their season opener against an overrated Philadelphia team. This Raps team looks a little different this year, with Jermaine O'Neal at Center, and Jose Calderon now the starting PG, with TJ Ford shipped off to Indiana for JO. JO does not have to be the all-star he used to be (20 points, 12 rebounds a night). Chris Bosh is this teams 20-12 player. JO has to be about 15-8, because his key contribution will come on the defensive end. He will be guarding the best big guy on the other team. By doing this, he allows CB4 to move over and cover a lesser player, and enables Bosh to fly to the ball on double teams to block some shots. Now, we just have to see if Sam Mitchell can work out a solid 9-man rotation.

And the Buffalo Bills got knocked around by the Miami Dolphins, with Trent Edwards looking like he was making his 9th career NFL start. The Jets and Pats are up next, and then the schedule reverts to being easy, with games still left against the Chiefs, Browns, Niners and Broncos. PLAYOFFS!

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