Sunday, October 26, 2008

The revolving door spins

Bye Juande, buy 'Arry!!! (see here).

So, I suppose it's expected that I provide a little analysis on Redknapp coming to the Lane, and Ramos, Poyet, the other Spanish bloke and Commoli (I don't care if his name's spelt right) leaving it. Wait, it isn't? Well, fuck off I will anyways.

Here's my thinking on the thing. Harry wanted to manage here for a while, and we've had him tapped up for a while. He's obviously very happy with the system of player-breeding that Spurs have, or else he wouldn't have 9 of our former boys sitting over at Fratton Fortress. Before Pompey and Spurs kicked off earlier this season, he was full of praise for Spurs, too. And not coach-talk, genuine praise for the system and management in place at WHL. 'Arry trained at Spurs as a boy, and his son played and captained our first team (and married a drop-dead gorgeous WAG). It wouldn't be a stretch to say that the old piece of fried chicken has wanted to be at WHL for a while.

As for the firings: Yes to Ramos, yes to Comolli. I don't know who the other Spanish one was (beyond a first-team coach), so I'm not right to talk about it, no to Poyet.

Comolli has been a useless Director of Football for years. He kept most of his old contact cards he took from Arsenal, and his scouting methods and locations are outdated and unsuccessful. He doesn't believe in negotiating fair contracts for players, which is why we wind up spending ridiculous amounts of money on players who are rumoured to be good without thinking about how they'd fit into the team mold. His firing is long overdue, and I'm happy to see him go.

Ramos yes because he can't operate unless the conditions suit him perfectly. He played single-striker at Sevilla and it worked, but it doesn't work at Spurs because, frankly, we no longer have a single striker. We have Darren Bent. He would not change his tactics to suit the situation he found himself in, and for that can't be considered the amazing manager he was rumoured to be. Besides, Sevilla's Director of Football more-or-less ran the bloody team, he chose the players for a formation which he wanted to see, Ramos served as a go-between and decided on starters, along with other basic coaching and management responsibilities.

Poyet no, because I have a lot of respect for him and think he's been the one shining light in this dismal show of management. He's a Spurs alumni, a fan favourite, and a player favourite too. They respect Gus, and Gus respects them. If anything he'd be a wonderful ambassador for the club and I think they should've kept him on.

Now, how do I feel about Harry Redknapp? I fucking love him. To be honest, I was gunning for him to be England manager when that job was up in the air, and now that he's at Spurs I couldn't be happier. He's my kind of manager, direct, to the point, good now'f London cockney (innit?), inspirational and very, very angry. Behold: YouTube examples - 1 and 2*.

Also, I think he's a purveyor of good, English football. Smart passing, ignoring the fancy business, get the job done sort of football. He's the king of getting the most out of his players (please note Portsmouth's starting XI in the past 5 years, and the success they've had), and turning results. I'm really excited to see him take the helm at White Hart Lane and hopefully this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

* The very start of the interview is funny, the interview itself is boring, the apology at the end of the clip by the anchor is hilarious.

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Phil said...

Juande Ramos had consistently used 4-4-2 at Sevilla with Kanoute and Luis Fabiano, and before that as well. The one striker system at Spurs was a Comolli-induced constraint, which is why he must shoulder most of the blame. It is safe to say that if Monsieur Comolli had replaced Keane and Berbatov with Diego Milito and Obafemi Martins (8mil + 15mil), there would not today be relegation fears in London N17.

It is a well known fact that Comolli went straight to Spurs from Arsenal with many of Arsene Wenger's contacts. Why would Wenger allow this? Because he knows that contacts alone are worthless if you don't have their loyalty as well as technical judgement of your own. The proof:
from this famous French contact list Wenger got Bakary Sagna and Abou Diaby while Comolli got Younes Kaboul and Adel Taarabt.

Comolli did not have the loyalty of the contacts in question, and is not an assessor of talent the same way Arsene Wenger, or for that matter Harry Redknapp, is. That's why those two are managers, and Comolli is just a [now unemployed] fancy job title - "director of football".