Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Explaining the picture, or "I don't usually spend my evenings in briefs throwing money around my bedroom"

Mike Commodore.

The man who looked like a lollipop during the playoffs. One of the few players in the world who has two Stanley Cup rings and deserves neither.

Also the man who I thought would help turn around my Sens last year (not to be).

That said, when this picture hit the interwebs, one of the lesser-skilled players in the NHL was grabbing front page attention (of the Columbus Dispatch*).

Lots of theories were thrown around about the picture - the most popular among those I know was that it was him celebrating his Columbus-granted payday for his shit performance in Ottawa (I know many bitter Sens fans).

Well, Greg Wyshynski over at Puck Daddy managed to speak to Commodore about the picture - pretty decent explanation. I like it when rich people do stuff that regular people do.

That said, I'm skeptical that he's a team leade-... wait. He's at Columbus. Nevermind.
* I jest, he was also on the front page on a variety of blogs.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Commodore has only one Stanley Cup ring - from the Carolina Hurricanes SC win in 2006.
He did play for the Flames in the SC finals before the lockout but they lost to the Lightning. He also has a national collegiate title from his UND days and a gold medal with the 2007 Canadian IIHF World Championship team. If you win it, you deserve it. He also deserves the reputation of being a goofball who doesn't take himself seriously. A good guy and Canes fans miss him and his personality.

Amrit Ahluwalia said...

Right - I forgot the Flames lost, my bad.